Saturday, 14 December 2013

Spy Bluetooth Jacket Earpiece in Delhi

Secret conversations are a flavor nowadays and people are trying out more secret devices to more secretive and these Bluetooth earpiece devices are becoming a part of everyday life too but mainly these devices are used by the secret agents, private detectives and the common people who sometimes have to use them while spying on someone or because of some circumstances.

So, the innovators of the spy gadgets and cameras have developed some best of Bluetooth devices which are used for secret conversations and they are heavily used by the professional spies who have to risk their lives in order crack their cases and find out the truth and secrets at any cost and for this they have to go through many dangers and are not allowed to have cell phones and any other communicating devices and as a result these devices help them to keep connected with their allies and companions. 

These devices are also used in normal lives for fun with friends and family. Now many people also crack some toughest exams to get high rated jobs using these products. Now, there are jackets, shirts, vests, etc which are Bluetooth devices but are very uncommon and secretive and are mostly used by spies but now they are being used by common people too.

In offices, we often need some help while doing presentations so these products are used by the people who have to make important presentations where there are no rooms for mistake and getting some help from friends in these matters is not a big deal and as it will be well equipped with invisible ear pieces which will go deep in the ears making it impossible for others to detect it. Again, these products are also used in examinations he they are not well prepared.

Spy Bluetooth jacket Earpiece is now very much in demand because the winters are coming and people like to dress in smart jackets that too which a cool stuff like Bluetooth in it. Many reporters use them while in sting operations and when they are in other such risky places because they want someone to guide them and if there is any problem then they can easily call for help.

In Delhi, these devices are heavily used by the professionals to get help and we know that the detectives and spies often run into problems and dangers so they always keep it as a safety measure. Now, these devices are also coming in items like pens and caps as caps can be worn in informal gatherings and pen can be used every possible situations and environments.

These Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Sets are now available in many online shops and spy stores as they provide them easily that too at a very low and reasonable price.

Friday, 18 October 2013


Bluetooth devices have become a talk of town because it is a fashion statement as well as it makes you comfortable because one can have their hands free while talking on the phone. These devices have also caught the attention of the secret agents and the private detectives too because they have to handle many gadgets, cameras at a time and if the phone rings in such a situation then it becomes a very awkward moment.

But they use little different Bluetooth devices and now they are open for the common people too. The spy pen Bluetooth earpiece in Delhi is now available and through this one can sit in interviews and presentations and gain help because it is becomes invisible when inserted in the ears and it provides great help if one is not prepared for any exam or presentation. This device can be found in the online shops and spy shops at a reasonable price.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Spy Bluetooth Glasses Earpiece Set In Navi Mumbai

Glasses have become a fashion asset now. With new style of frames and shades, the youth has been trying for new and more stylized looks that attract eye balls whenever they go out. But this the time of science and technology and now the youngsters have become very much gadget freak too as nowadays they use smart phones, visit online stores and use DSLR cameras which always make their lifestyle very urbanized. So, for them gadgets means fun and if the gadgets meet fashion then it can works wonders for them.

The spy Bluetooth glasses earpiece in Navi Mumbai is now being made available because the youngsters are now always looking for such devices which are really fun to use. One can wear them to interview and get help from friends on questions. Likewise, one can also wear them to office for presentations and meetings if they are not prepared for it and take some help. The ear pieces are very small and so they are almost impossible to detect by the naked eyes.

Moreover, this is also very much fashionable as they are a joint venture of the spy gadgets innovators and fashion designers and this device is used by a large number of spies and secret agents as nobody doubts that a pair of glasses can also act as Bluetooth device and this helps them to crack many cases and find out the hidden truths which makes them very successful professionals.

Sunday, 22 September 2013



The Spy Walkie-Talkie Wireless Earpiece Kit Is Intended To Provide Wireless Connection With A Walkie-Talkie. This Spy Earpiece Kit Is Designed For Use In Sepcial Situations When A Person Needs To Communicate Secretly. It's Suitable For Use In Law Enforcement, Casino Security And Personal Protection Spy Walkie-Talkie Wireless Earpiece Kit Including A Inductive Micro Earpiece, A Button Battery, A Wallet Transmitter And A Full Set Of 3W Walkie-Talkie. This Feature-Rich Earpiece System Is Ideal For Ideal For Exams, Negotiations, As Guard Equipment Etc.

How To Use Spy Wireless Walkie-Talkie Earpiece Kit?

Install Button Battery Into Earpiece And Place The Micro Earpiece In Your Ear And Its Completely Invisible. Put Wallet Transmitter Into Your Shirt Or Coat Pocket. The Wirelss Earpiece Could Receives The Signal Send From Wallet Transmitter When Talk In The Walkie-Talkie.

The Micro Earpiece Is Inside Your Ear Canal. It Receive Signals Send By Wallet Transmitter. With The Spy Wireless Earpiece Kit You Could Hear Whisper From Walkie-Talkie Miles Away In Secret And Without Been Detect By A Bug Finder.

Full Set Walkie-Talkie Earpiece Kit Should Including Below Walkie-Talkie (Interphone), Wallet Transmitter And Earpiece .One Walkie-Talkie Serve 10 Pcs Wallet Transmitter. One Pc Wallet Transmitter Serves 10 Pcs Earpieces. Distance Between Wallet And Earpiece No More Than 80cm.

Features And Specifications Of UHF Walkie-Talkie
Sound Reminding Function
Output Power Is 3W
Frequency Range Is 400.000~470.000MHz
99 Memory Frequency Channels
LCD Apheliotropic Lights Of Screen
Earphone, Microphone, Expediency For Answring
UHF Frequency: 400~470MHz
Rated Voltage Is DC6.0V (5pcs Re-Chargeable Nickel Hydrogen Battery)
Antenna Disposition: Inductively Loaded Antenna
Antenna Impedance Is 50ohm
Working Method Is Same Or Different Frequency Single Operation
Volume: 80x50x28mm

Friday, 13 September 2013

Spy Bluetooth Neck loop Earpiece Set Now Available in Kodaikanal

Spy Bluetooth Earpiece is a Nano device which is use with Bluetooth for wireless secret communication and for other purposes in Kodaikanal India. If you are using it then no one can find out that you are using it because it is very small in size and no one can see if it is in your ear. And you can easily complete you task for which you are using it.

With the help of spy Bluetooth earpiece device in Kodaikanal India you can give your exams without any preparation. It also called with the name of exam cheating device and very famous in between students who want to pass exam without preparation, that type of Bluetooth device also comes in various categories.

We also have Spy Bluetooth Jacket, Mobile Watches, Glasses, Pen, Hair Clip, Neckloop, Walkie-Talkie, Locket, Eraser, Tabiz, Cap, Banyan, Shirt, and Nano Earpiece.
That type of device doesn’t have any wire or we can say that it is wireless hidden and best device for secret communication most of the layers, detective and business person use for business meeting and other purpose also.
We have a dedicated team of quality controllers who test each and every spy Bluetooth earpiece product before delivery to client at different aspects and thus help us to be sure to offer clients defect free products. We offer multiple payment modes our some of the popular payments modes are Credit Card, Online Transfer, and Cheques and also offers Cash on Delivery.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


It is absolutely new device SPY BLUETOOTH SHIRTS EARPIECE (SHIRT FOR GENTS AND LADIES)at the market. This product is a result of teamwork of fashion designers with nano technologies specialists. Today with the development of Nano Technologies we are glad to present our new tool MWE Spy BLUETOOTH SHIRTS EARPIECE Set. They are made of European details with care. This is a new cool gadget for all spy earbud users. For those who want receive help at the meeting without being noticed. SPY BLUETOOTH SHIRTS EARPIECE Set is equipped with spy earbud and sensible microphone. The spy earbud allows you to hear everything that your partner tells you. The sensitive microphone, built in the glasses, allows you to speak with your partner who is ready to dictate you all the necessary information in real time. SPY BLUETOOTH SHIRTS EARPIECE can work with any cell phone that has a Bluetooth function.

 What is Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Shirt?
It's a special device designed to assist you in situations that can even influence on your life or future career. Nobody will even notice you are getting help!

How Do They Work?
After you charge the glasses just put them and insert the invisible spy earbud into your ear. Then connect the BLUETOOTH SHIRTS to your mobile phone and that is all. Nobody will even notice that somebody is telling you anything through the invisible spy earbud. You see, everything is very simple! SPY BLUETOOTH SHIRTS EARPIECE are Irreplaceable in the Following Situations: - While you (to provide you with secret spy help) - At the meeting, negotiations or conferences (to always know exactly what is happening even if it does not concern you) - If you work as a security guard and need assistance (to feel yourself with confidence) - While playing games or joking with your friends (just for fun) We have warranty for all our products.

If something happens, do not worry, we are ready to change the SPY BLUETOOTH SHIRTS EARPIECE. After you order the set, we will ship it in one business day. If you want to know more about MWE SPY BLUETOOTH SHIRTS EARPIECE, our 24 hour support is ready to help you. MWE SPY BLUETOOTH SHIRTS EARPIECE includes: - SPY BLUETOOTH SHIRTS EARPIECE (with sensible microphone) - Nano or Spy earbud - 5 batteries for the earbud - USB cable to charge - Quick Guide.